The main goal of Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art is to spread the message of universal love, compassion and hope through art and giving back. One hug, one smile, one painting at a time can make a huge difference in a life.

Gallery Events

  • Mark Jesinoski, a true HumanARTarian

    July 12, 2014

  • Meet the HumanARTarian Artists

    Learn about what inspires these amazing artists

  • Live Music, Artist Lecture

    Human Body Art/Science Exhibit from Thurston Middle School

On October 2nd 2013 the Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art turned all humanitarian artists along with the owner, director and sales team. It was a simple turnover considering the owner and director come from over 30 years of helping the less fortunate globally. LGOCA helps people physically by building homes across the border in Mexico, teaching art to abused, neglected and orphaned children, getting teens off drugs, suicide prevention, helping with human trafficking victims and so much more. The gallery holds monthly cause events to raise funds and or awareness for cancer patients, HIV awareness, autism awareness, anti bullying, self respect for young teens and education in all arenas of life.